An innovative lab supplying dental surgeries all around the UK

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Local Delivery and Collection Service

We offer a local delivery and collection service.  Contact us to see if we cover your area.

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Freepost Service Nationally

We offer a UK wide freepost service via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

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Set up in 2022 by Registered Dental Technician, Nick Logan (GDC no 130080), Maren Dental Lab is focused on producing high quality prosthetic appliances that fit well and look natural, taking time to achieve this through attention to gum detail, good quality teeth and acrylic, and using an innovative blend of digital and traditional techniques.  Nick has nearly 30 years working as a dental technician and has both embraced the progression of the industry into the digital age and retained a steady hand in the traditional methods of production too.

We LOVE something to get our teeth into (pun intended!) and enjoy working closely with surgeries on challenging cases, so if you would like a technician’s input or just a bit of advice about materials and appliances, get in touch.  Nick is happy to do surgery visits and has helped to achieve many positive outcomes from being directly involved with cases at surgeries, helping to identify the most suitable materials whilst managing patient expectations.  Surgeries working directly with technicians usually reduces the number of patient appointments necessary, particularly on more complex cases.

We supply surgeries all over the UK and have a daily collection and delivery service locally to many areas of Pembrokeshire – contact us to see if we can cover your area.  For surgeries that we are unable to offer this service to, we provide freepost labels which can be downloaded below so it won’t cost anything to send your work to us.  All postal work is returned via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Maren Dental Lab

Our experienced dental lab can accommodate a wide range of services for you and your patients including:

Acrylic Dentures

We offer a range of full and partial acrylic dentures, chrome frameworks, and hybrid dentures (acrylic plate with flexible clasps).

Our dentures are made using dependable, established materials from reputable UK suppliers as we feel these give predictable results.

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Flexible & Semi-Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures are made of a nylon thermoplastic material which is linked mechanically to acrylic teeth by small retention holes. These dentures are very comfortable as the base material when warmed to the temperature of the oral cavity becomes pliable and flexible.

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DurAcetal Frameworks

DurAcetal is a pure, highly crystalline acetal copolymer resin, ideally used for partial denture frameworks.

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Thermoformed Appliances

We produce bleaching trays, Essix retainers, night appliances and both junior and adult mouthguards with a range of colour options and designs available.

Contact us for more information or to discuss any specific mouthguard designs.

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Denture Repairs, Additions and Relines

We can offer repairs, relines and additions to dentures through surgeries with a quick turnaround, generally returning them on the following day (additional time is required for flexible dentures).

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Lab-to-Lab Services

We offer flexi finishes, DurAcetal, Karadent and iFlex frameworks and 3D printing services to other labs.

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