Dental Laboratory Services

Acrylic Dentures

We offer a range of full and partial acrylic dentures, chrome frameworks, and hybrid dentures (acrylic plate with...

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Flexible & Semi-Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures are made of a nylon thermoplastic material which is linked mechanically to acrylic teeth by small...

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DurAcetal Frameworks

DurAcetal is a pure, highly crystalline acetal copolymer resin, ideally used for partial denture frameworks.

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Thermoformed Appliances

We produce bleaching trays, Essix retainers, night appliances and both junior and adult mouthguards with a range of...

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Denture Repairs, Additions and Relines

We can offer repairs, relines and additions to dentures through surgeries with a quick turnaround, generally returning them...

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Lab-to-Lab Services

We offer flexi finishes, DurAcetal, Karadent and iFlex frameworks and 3D printing services to other labs.

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